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Green Mind Seeing

1483549199570I’m doing something a bit different over on Wattpad; in addition to occasionally posting short fiction there, I’ve also begun a sort of nature journal, Green Mind Seeing. Short pieces with observations and thoughts on the natural world. Some pieces are fanciful, some natural history, some gardening. If you, too, enjoy green things, give it a look. This week I delved into my archive for “Orchid Reverie”, which provided the inspirations (after sitting in my mind for many years) for the “Cha Buddhism” mentioned in my most recent book, If Wishes Were Spaceships, and explored in more depth in the sequel I’m currently working on. If that’s a bit too mystical for you, last week I wrote about radishes. 🙂 If you’re only interested in sci-fi and fantasy, never fear, I’ll be posting more of that in the coming weeks as well. Unlike last year, I haven’t set a schedule to release material there. My writing schedule is taking some hits this year; sometimes real life has to take precedence over imaginary worlds. I’m still writing, mostly working on books, but I’ll be doing a bit of shorter stuff, both fiction and non-fiction, for immediate consumption. I’ve got three pieces currently in Green Mind Seeing, and will be adding more to that ongoing work, as well as adding new short fiction to Wattpad. The best way to keep up is to follow me on Wattpad.

New Journal

I started a new journal today. It’s going to be a different sort of thing than I’ve done before. Instead of droppng creative ideas into my phone, they’ll be dropped in the journal instead, along with nature journal notes and observations, and notations of people, places, things, events, and moments that make me happy. Creative. Nature. Happiness. It’s a nice mix. 🙂 I’m taking some small organizational ideas from bullet journaling: sections, page numbering, index. This may be the first journal I’ve done that won’t be an unfathomable mess. I hope. 😀

20161004_142307.jpgWorking on a new ghost story this morning. Swiped my husband’s Halloween mug…though it’s not really in the spirit of the story. (Perhaps next year I’ll write a story about wacky bats.)

I’ll be posting ghost stories to Wattpad this month. First one goes up tomorrow. It will be private, so only followers will have access. See prev post for publication schedule. And….

…Follow me on Wattpad! 😀

Working on a new ghost story

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Great Commencement Speeches!

NPR has put together an amazing database of great commencement speeches. Give it a browse, read some of your favorites, discover new inspiring speeches. One thing I like about really good graduation speeches is that they aren’t just for youths embarking on their careers; they’re inspiring and uplifting for all of us. They’re full of good advice and who doesn’t need some words of wisdom occasionally? Some of the speeches also include video of the commencement address. If you’re killing time surfing the web, you can’t do better than this! 🙂