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Staring at the sun…

Yesterday I took the day off. I figured that a solar eclipse was a legit reason for a science fiction writer to skip out on writing. Other good reasons to take a day off writing SF: alien invasion, giant meteor heading for earth, rise of the machines, rampaging triffids, or somewhat less unlikely possibilities like humans going to Mars, or NASA returning to the moon. (If we went back to the moon, I wouldn’t just take the day off, I’d throw a party!) Today I’m back at work on the book!

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Went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science Thursday afternoon. Free afternoon, lots of people; if the dinos were alive they would’ve eaten well! You’ve already seen this if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, but I thought I’d post here and see how well the group of pics displayed in a post. I especially like the one with the Exit sign in the dinosaur’s mouth. No exit when giant prehistoric beasts are on the rampage!