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Canine Kisses

Canine kisses from foster dog

A couple of weeks ago we got another foster dog. Very sweet. She still has some anxiety issues, but has settled in remarkable fast. This is really a great dog. She’s going to be a terrific companion for someone. I mean, besides me. 😉 But until then, I get all the kisses! You can never have enough of canine cuddles!

Rescue. Foster. Adopt. Pick 1, 2, or all 3, whatever works for you. There are a lot of great dogs out there who just need a good home. (And don’t forget, kitty-cats need love, too.) Rescue. Foster. Adopt. Do your part to save the life or change the life of a fellow creature. 😀

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Christmas is Going To The Dogs

I finally got around to knitting a new sweater for my dachshund-maltese (or maybe dachshund-terrier) mix. She’s small, long, and low. We didn’t realize she was just a pup when we rescued her and got her a sweater which is now too small and ragged. So I was determined to make her a sweater more appropriate to her length. The pattern I found that I really liked was for a “shorty” sweater. But it’s a simple pattern and modifying it for a smaller, longer, dog wasn’t too difficult. A lot of style for such a simple fast knit! The pattern is available here, from Doublepointed, on WordPress. I posted my notes on how I modified the pattern on Ravelry. If you’re on Ravelry, look me up! 🙂 This worked up so fast and easy that I think I’m going to make one (in a different color) for our other dog, who’s a bit closer in size to the original pattern. Pics from Instagram below. Oh, and by the way…”Christmas is Going To The Dogs” by the Eels is a fun fav Christmas song. 🙂

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Another Irresistible Dog Pic

I briefly fostered another dog last month. Very photogenic. Instagramed. Such fierce cuteness! (I do post other things on Instagram, but dogs are so irresistible I have to share them here, too!)  🙂

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Instagram: Doggone It!

Crazed foster dog after bath. He's gone to his adoptive family now! Good dog! Happy dog! #rescue #rescuedog

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The dog I was fostering was adopted into a good home. 🙂
In other news, in case you missed it, I’ve joined Instagram. Besides the occasional pic cross-posted here, I’ve got a collection of thumbnail Instagram pics in the sidebar.

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This is what proof-reading looks like

This is what proofreading looks like.
This is what proofreading looks like. It’s very shaggy.

I’m doing a proofreading and copy editing pass through the science fiction novel. You know, the fun part of being a writer. 😉 LOL! But I have to say that having a dog on my lap for part of it has made the tedious process a lot more pleasant. Yesterday afternoon I leaned back to get this pic of lil Regina, aka “The Queen”, aka “The Shaggy Lil Distraction”. You might think I wouldn’t want her to distract me when I’m proofreading, but actually that’s a good thing. Looking away from the screen at something else for a while helps me not “zone out” and lose focus while going over text that I’m familiar with. Likewise taking a break and doing something else keeps my mind fresh for looking at text. I wrote a short piece on “Proofreading and Procrastinating” on my author blog several years ago. Of course, getting up to do something else would mean moving the dog. She’s not happy about that. 😉

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A Bright Future!

Wide awake and ready to party!
Wide awake and ready to party!

When you foster a dog, or rescue a dog by adoption, you get to see the dog go from being a pathetic thing who doesn’t know how to enjoy life — or even that life is something that should be enjoyed — to a bright vivacious happy dog, who revels in his/her new life and enjoys every minute of it (except baths). This is the dog we’re fostering, feeling happier than he’s ever been. I think this bit of photo editing captures his bright future perfectly!