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50 Hours of Happiness

This is just stunning: BBC has released 50 hours of video from Earth II which they’re calling a “visual soundscape” as part of their Real Happiness Project. Nature — even nature video — has been proven to increase happiness, so they’ve put together five 10 hour videos of nature and posted them on YouTube! You can click through to all videos from this Treehugger article and add the videos to your playlists (or create a massive 50 hr playlist)! As the heat of summer increases, actually spending any significant amount of time in nature becomes more difficult—but you can now pour a cold beverage and sink into breathtaking landscapes anywhere you may be. Enjoy!!!

Instagram, Ravelry, Socks, and Wine

Wit Beyond Measure Socks are Sheep Thrills!

This self-striping yarn colorway is called “Wit Beyond Measure” and is one of Brazen Stitchery’s yarns. (Love their geeky yarn names: this one is the motto of Ravenclaw.) Finished the socks yesterday evening. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a wine called “Sheep Thrills” yesterday, too. Follow me on Ravelry (AinyRainwater) to see more projects and on Instagram (@ainyrainwater) for a more eclectic assortment of pics. In yet another coincidence…’s Word of the Day today is ovine: pertaining to, of the nature of, or like sheep. 😆

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Support Net Neutrality! Internet Protest July 12th

Can you believe it? It’s been over 3 years yrs & we still haven’t put a stake thru the heart of the Anti-Net-Neutrality forces. But people love being screwed over by big cable companies, right? We love media providers being able to block & censor us, right? We love having to pay a lot more money (which we don’t have) to giant corporations who want to control the internet and all the media we get from it, We love the whole idea of our government (it is, constitutionally, supposed to be our government) colluding with corporations to force people to pay more money for both cable and internet. right? WRONG! Support Net Neutrality. Join the online protest July 12th. Get more info at Battle For the Net.

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International Calm Day

Today is International Calm Day, so the Calm app which I’ve been using free for the past month, has unlocked ALL it’s staggering amount of content for meditation for today only. I’ve been pretty pleased with the regular unlocked free content (breathing bubble, unguided meditation, and the wide assortment of beautiful scenes and sounds to meditate to.) I got up early this morning so I’d have plenty of time to try out the premium material. I did the Daily Calm, then the first few days of the 7 Days of Calm, then I listened to some other types of “7 Days of Calm”, specifically for Stress and Anxiety, as well as “Emergency Calm”, the first of the Winnie the Pooh Daily Calm series, Walking Meditation (which I tried out in the backyard because I generaly don’t like walking around with earbuds), and a lovely selection of John Muir’s writings about Yosemite which was one of their “Sleep Stories”. My family is going through a very stressful time right now, so I was not only evaluating how useful the paid features would be to me, but also trying to evaluate how useful they would be to someone who hasn’t practiced meditation before. It seems to me that the paid features would be very good for people who are new to meditation. The approach is secular and the technique is good and well-grounded. There are a lot of options besides the ones I “test-drove” this morning: guided meditations focusing on things like Happiness, Self-Esteem, Sleep, Lovingkindness, Forgiveness, and Commuting (one of the other meditations I listened to also touched on handling the frustrations and tensions of traffic). There’s even meditation for Kids, and Sleep Stories for Kids. Like I said, lots of options. Additionally they have a new “Daily Calm” guided meditation every day for subscribers. I’ve been very pleased with the free options and I think that the stunning amount of material available to subscribers (which is very well-done) would surely be more than worth it for some people. Check out all the goodies free today, April 5th!

Dead Text

The final ghost story of the month is up on Wattpad! “Dead Text” is the story of a grieving woman who begins getting text messages from her dead husband’s phone. This story is public (or at least as public as Wattpad allows). This is one of two ghost stories publically available on Wattpad; there are two more accessible to followers only. The previous story, which was serialized in five parts last week, continues to climb in the rankings! This week’s story is complete in a single part. I’ve enjoyed doing a “Halloween thing” on Wattpad, which included republishing two old ghost stories stories and serializing a very long ghost story story that originally was posted on my author site, as well as writing and publishing this brand new ghost story on Wattpad. Thanks to all of you who are reading along! Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!