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We Need More Cheery Songs About Winter

This weekend I caught myself singing “Winter Wonderland”, “Sleigh Ride”, and “Baby It’s Cold Outside” under my breath. And why not? Christmas is over, but winter is in full force. Maybe those songs should be played at least through Groundhog Day. True, no one uses a sleigh to get around but who wants songs about snow tires and white knuckle driving on icy roads? I really like the jaunty energy “Sleigh Ride”. Can’t walk the dogs without thinking of “Winter Wonderland”. It makes the windchill easier to bear. 🙂 A number of secular “Christmas” songs make no mention of Santa, reindeer, presents, or Christmas. We need more cheery songs about winter to get us through January. ‘Cause… “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”!

PS: I have heard versions of “Sleigh Ride” that include a passing reference to Christmas, but the basic song does not (see Metrolyrics).

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Happy New Year!

For your New Year, here’s a wonderful exuberant video of the final show celebration on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Remember: keep banging on your drum! Happy New Year!

Editorial Note: CBS made the sucky decision to make most of the Craig Ferguson videos — including videos of his last show — “private” shortly after I posted this, scarcely 2 weeks after it was originally uploaded.