New Journal

I started a new journal today. It’s going to be a different sort of thing than I’ve done before. Instead of droppng creative ideas into my phone, they’ll be dropped in the journal instead, along with nature journal notes and observations, and notations of people, places, things, events, and moments that make me happy. Creative. Nature. Happiness. It’s a nice mix. 🙂 I’m taking some small organizational ideas from bullet journaling: sections, page numbering, index. This may be the first journal I’ve done that won’t be an unfathomable mess. I hope. 😀

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Art Car Parade 2016

20160409_144339This past weekend was Art Car weekend, with the Art Car Parade Saturday afternoon. I love it.  Houston has the biggest and best Art Car Parade, and is home to a stunning number of Art Cars which one may see any day on the streets of the city.  Most of the entries are real street-legal cars. Some have additions, some are colorfully painted, some are towing trailers…music is a big part of the parade and there’s a prize given for best music entry. For the purposes of the parade, what constitutes a “car” is loosely defined, as there was a motorized  gurney, easy chair, and outhouse, along with numerous bikes, trikes, and less easily categorized things, but the heart of the parade are the cars.

20160409_142714The Art Car Parade has hundreds of entries by really talented artists. Check out the Art Car website which has a photo gallery from past years and a video gallery as well! The Art Car Museum is also worth a look.


2016-04-09 14.32.05I posted a handful of photos on my Instagram account, but they hardly do the parade justice. It’s hard to take photos, tag them, and share to social media, when you’re in the midst of watching the parade! A few made it to some of my social media accts, but in my haste none were tagged. Given the choice of experiencing something or distancing oneself from the ongoing hoopla to take photos and do the social media thing, I opt for more experiencing, at the expense of less sharing.

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NaNoWriMo: A Big Day

A Big DayEvery year I start fast, settle into a decent daily word count, then post REALLY big numbers when I get close to the end. Today I wrote 4742 words! That’s over half what I need to finish.  One more long hard day writing, or two average days, and I’m done. The end of a draft always goes fast. I really want to relax and do lots of nothing this weekend, so I’m going to try for big numbers again tomorrow. My brain is tired.