Free ebooks: ebook club

I just found out about this. Tor does so much; it’s hard to keep up. Sign up by June 21st and you’ll get John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War free, and a free science fiction or fantasy ebook every month. Here’s the link to their post about it, (which has signup link). You have to agree to get email from Tor & their parent company MacMillian, but book spam isn’t that bad for bookworms. And, hey, free books and discussions on!

Big Free Anthology’s annual ebook fiction anthology, Some of the Best From, 2016 edition, is now available for free! I always snag my copy right away so I’m not sure how long it’ll be free. The previous years are reasonably priced, so if you’ve missed some you won’t break your budget. Big anthologies. Good stories!

Fantasy Fiction Podcasts for the Holidays

Podcastle, a weekly fantasy podcast, annually features a Christmas story by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw. (I enjoy listening to podcasts while doing Christmas baking.) Below is a chronological list of these imaginative stories for the Christmas season. (And keep an eye on Podcastle; if they do a Christmas story this year, it’ll probably be later in the month.)

2010: The Christmas Mummy

2011: The Ghost of Christmas Possible

2012: Catching the Spirit

2013: Seasonal Disorder

2014: Elf Employment

2015: Winter Jinni



Dead Text

The final ghost story of the month is up on Wattpad! “Dead Text” is the story of a grieving woman who begins getting text messages from her dead husband’s phone. This story is public (or at least as public as Wattpad allows). This is one of two ghost stories publically available on Wattpad; there are two more accessible to followers only. The previous story, which was serialized in five parts last week, continues to climb in the rankings! This week’s story is complete in a single part. I’ve enjoyed doing a “Halloween thing” on Wattpad, which included republishing two old ghost stories stories and serializing a very long ghost story story that originally was posted on my author site, as well as writing and publishing this brand new ghost story on Wattpad. Thanks to all of you who are reading along! Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!