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Halloween Soundscape

Halloween Soundscape

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is around the corner, and if you haven’t gotten my Halloween Soundscape album, it’s available from iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. Eerie ambient music inspired by classic stories. You can read the liner notes over on my Gymshoes Music site. Besides unsettling trick-or-treaters, it’s nice dark music to accompany your scary Halloween reading this month. Enjoy!


The Ice Cream Castle

​The final part of “The Ice Cream Castle” is up on Wattpad! This is a ghost story I’ve been posting one part per day this week. The story is now complete. Response to the story has been great; it’s not only ranked, it’s already surpassed my other ranked story…and that was before I published the final section today! Thanks so much to all who have been reading along all this week as I’ve posted the sections of “The Ice Cream Castle”! Next Friday I’ll post a brand new ghost story that I’ve just finished. Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!

Ghost Story Serialized this Week!

The first part of “The Ice Cream Castle”, a 10,000 word ghost story which I’ve broken into five parts is now up on Wattpad. I’ll post a new part every day this week, with the story concluding on Friday. It’s a Christmas ghost story (hence the festive cover image). I’ve tried to make the Wattpad breaks follow the natural story breaks (as we look at events in the past and present). Enjoy the Prologue today and read along as a new section is posted daily this week. 

20161004_142307.jpgWorking on a new ghost story this morning. Swiped my husband’s Halloween mug…though it’s not really in the spirit of the story. (Perhaps next year I’ll write a story about wacky bats.)

I’ll be posting ghost stories to Wattpad this month. First one goes up tomorrow. It will be private, so only followers will have access. See prev post for publication schedule. And….

…Follow me on Wattpad! 😀

Working on a new ghost story

Ghost Stories & Thoughts on Wattpad

Ghost Stories for October! Below is the publication schedule for my short stories this month on Wattpad. The first 2 stories will be private, so only followers will have access to them. (Something I’m experimenting with.) The others will be public. Follow if you want to read all of them! Also, I’ve got a new post on my author blog which has some brutally honest thoughts on “Why Wattpad” in addition to the story publication schedule below. Thanks for reading! 🙂
This month on Wattpad: ghost stories!

Oct 7: Ashes
Oct 14: Doug’s Night Out
Oct 17-21: Ice Cream Castle (Divided into 5 parts, one part daily Mon-Fri of that week.)
Oct 28-31? I’ve started brainstorming a new ghost story which I hope to have finished by the 28th, or Halloween at the latest.