Free Anthology of Campbell Award Eligible Fiction

Quanta has taken over e-publication of the annual anthology of Campbell award eligible fiction. This free ebook anthology is only available for a limited time every year. Here’s the link. Unfortunately, this year the new publisher requires your name, email address, and agreement to receive whatever email they choose to send in order for you to download the book. I hate all the hoops they make you jump through. They mail the link for download after you sign up rather than providing a direct download. You have to agree to get email you may not want in order to get the book (no opt out option). Presumably you can always unsub if they send you junk. (I really hope so!) On the other hand…Campbell ebook with lots of free SF/F fiction! Multiple format options for download. I chose “other” and it downloaded an epub to my tablet, which when I tapped it immediately uploaded to my Play library, so that worked out well. The anthology is over 1000 pages and the table of contents alone takes up 5 pages: it’s a big book!

Right now — throughout the day —, is releasing science fiction and fantasy fiction on the theme “Nevertheless She Persisted“. Lots of stories have already dropped, with more to come! If you want more fiction by women throughout the month of March, EscapePod and Podcastle, science fiction and fantasy podcasts respectively, are celebrating women authors with their Artemis Rising series; look for new stories weekly (the first ones are already out)!

Fiction for International Women’s Day

Fantasy Fiction Podcasts for the Holidays

Podcastle, a weekly fantasy podcast, annually features a Christmas story by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw. (I enjoy listening to podcasts while doing Christmas baking.) Below is a chronological list of these imaginative stories for the Christmas season. (And keep an eye on Podcastle; if they do a Christmas story this year, it’ll probably be later in the month.)

2010: The Christmas Mummy

2011: The Ghost of Christmas Possible

2012: Catching the Spirit

2013: Seasonal Disorder

2014: Elf Employment

2015: Winter Jinni



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Two Great Ebooks: one cheap, one free!

If you like science fiction and fantasy, and you have an ereader (or app), then fire up those pixels because there are two anthologies you’ll want to grab. Clarkesworld Year Three is only 99 cents for both Nook and Kindle right now! This is a collection from the third year of Clarkesworld magazine and it is excellent! Also, the big free “best of” anthology from is now available for Nook and Kindle: Some of the Best of 2015. I’ve got five years of this free anthology and look forward to it every year, even though I read the stories as publishes them. (If your personal fav isn’t included, short stories are available as ebook singles.) I don’t know how long these ebooks will be cheap/free, so get Clarkesworld Year Three and Some of the Best of 2015 as soon as you can!

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Cover Art: If Wishes Were Spaceships

Squeeeee! Cover art for my upcoming book If Wishes Were Spaceships! Release date will be set soon. We’re looking at an early spring release. Donna Murillo did an excellent job with the design based upon my input; she was both thoughtful and intuitive. She really captured Jazlyn’s face!

If Wishes Were Spaceships Cover Art: Donna Harriman Murillo
If Wishes Were Spaceships
Cover Art: Donna Harriman Murillo

I had blogged here about problems using stock photography in cover art. This design is digital artwork, and is a combination of reused elements and original elements, used in an original design. It seems like a good compromise to me. I got to work with the artist and it was a very pleasant creative process. The artwork vividly conveys the setup of the book and general situation, which is what good cover art should do. But what’s just as important to me is that I got a character on the cover who looks like Jazlyn, the main character of the book. A lot of my joy in this cover comes simply from the artist doing that character so well.

When Jazlyn is forced to make an emergency landing on a quarantine planet, the worst she expects to find are a bunch of irate scientists complaining because she messed up the pristine conditions of some experiment. But the buildings look like works of art and the inhabitants are a wealthy scion of a galactic dynasty and an anxious techie. While the compound has all the comforts of home, it has none of the basic hospitality she expects. Cut off from all communication, surrounded by a thicket of dangerous carnivorous plants, Jazlyn must find a way to repair her ship — if possible — or hope that her friends find her distress beacon before Sterneworth, the planet’s resident tyrant, does something drastic. Can she trust Blaine, the techie who is completely under Sterneworth’s thumb, and who desperately wants off the planet by any means? Jazlyn has never been one to knuckle under or buckle under pressure. Nor is finesse is one of her skills. She will tackle the problems — the ship repair, the bizarre plants, and the duplicitous inhabitants of the planet — head on. Has the sassy spacer who’s used to getting her way met her match in the power and might of the Sterneworth dynasty? Everyone on the planet has a secret agenda. She has a ship to repair…

The book will be released in the spring, probably early spring. I’m hoping to line up a blog tour for the release, so if you think this little sci-fi adventure novel would be a good fit for your blog, let me know!