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The social bookmarking site I use has finally finished its migration back to its original domain, del.icio,us. You can follow me on Delicious and browse what I’m reading online. I’ve got some tag bundles for Writers, Bookworms, and Food, but there are many interesting links with tags that don’t fit into those bundles. As a writer, having a place where I can find things I may need later for story ideas, research, etc. is invaluable. I’ve updated the links in my original short post “Gathering String“. There are still a few gotchas since Delicious moved; you should NOT click on the title of a link on my page because all the titles are dead: you must click on the URL instead. I expect this glitch will be fixed eventually. This was the first social bookmarking site, and may still be the biggest, so they have a lot to deal with as they go forward. It’s stable and working again, for which I’m relieved, as I depend on it heavily. And I like sharing. 🙂

Live Interview

Ainy RainwaterI’ll be doing a live internet radio interview on Deadly Reads Radio (aka Journey Into the Night) on April 28th at 9 pm Central Time. We’ll talk about the new book, as well as other projects and interests of mine. It’s a call-in show, so mark your calendars to join us! I’ll be posting the call-in number and a reminder closer to time.  Click through and bookmark the show site!

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Another Irresistible Dog Pic

I briefly fostered another dog last month. Very photogenic. Instagramed. Such fierce cuteness! (I do post other things on Instagram, but dogs are so irresistible I have to share them here, too!)  🙂

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Instagram: Doggone It!

The dog I was fostering was adopted into a good home. 🙂
In other news, in case you missed it, I’ve joined Instagram. Besides the occasional pic cross-posted here, I’ve got a collection of thumbnail Instagram pics in the sidebar.

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Followed by a Shark…

I don’t usually watch Shark Week, but I have found some real life sharks in the (sometimes largely imaginary) world of Twitter.

It started like this:

Then seconds later, one of the sharks picked up my trail and started following..

Disappointingly, no follow-up tweets to indicate that anyone recognized the Bab 5 quotation. But if you want to follow real sharks, live on Twitter, those are actual tagged sharks being followed (real life followed) by Ocearch. If you want to watch them without them watching you back, you can track them on the Ocearch site. (There’s an app, but I don’t have it, yet.)

Happy Shark Week!

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Gathering String

“Gathering string” is a phrase I picked up a while back. As I understand it, it has its roots in journalism. Reporters collect little bits of information about assorted things in the hope that eventually some of those bits will grow into stories. Writers of all sorts gather string. We compulsively bookmark things — now that we’re past the era of snipping articles out of newspapers. Not everything I bookmark is “string”, but I do have a set of bookmarks I’ve labelled “plot bunny” because there’s something there that might could end up in a story. I also collect recipes. And other odd links. You can see what I’m reading online, what’s caught my interest at least, by following me on This is a social bookmarking site. Though bookmarks can be made private, it’s primarily used to share bookmarks. My bookmarks are tagged and searchable. (So far I’ve got 186 tags, so yes, my interests are broad.) Since many of the people who follow me here are bookworms, writers, and foodies, I’ve made some tag bundles for related tags. For Writers, For Bookworms, Food. (There’s a widget in the sidebar, but so far it doesn’t work. You can click through to my bookmarks from there, though.)