What’s New!

It’s been awhile. I’m not sure how I came to abandon this miscellaneous blog; it just happened. A lot of things have happened since my last post, but the two most important for whoever is following this blog is that my website moved to a new webhost & most of a decades worth of posts didn’t carry over, so links in old posts here are dead. The URL for the redesigned site is the same, but there’s fewer blog posts. Mostly I’ve been working on fiction. In fact, I’ve had a Patreon for over a year now. (This is the second of the aforementioned Important Things.) The last chapter rewrite for my current project will go up in August, then it’s on to new stuff! Now’s an excellent time to jump in!

I may be writing for a new group blog here on WordPress.com which is why I’m poking around here, cleaning up widgets in the sidebar, and trying to figure out what to do with old posts that have links to things that don’t exist any more. There may be some upheaval here as I dust things off, dither over ancient posts, and fiddle with the design. If I do contribute to a new blog, I’ll definitely be posting about it here! In the meantime, hop over to my shiny redesigned website, A Truant Disposition, and get reacquainted. As you’ll see, a helluva lot has happened!

Lots of Free Classic Science Fiction

This turned up in my feed over the weekend: Dig Into Nearly 30 Years of Free Classic Science Fiction, with a link at the bottom to Three decades of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine on Internet Archive. Wow! You can download pdf/epub or use their online book reader. I love classic SF and I’m just delighted to have these magazines to browse and download!

Instagram, Ravelry, Socks, and Wine

Wit Beyond Measure Socks are Sheep Thrills!

This self-striping yarn colorway is called “Wit Beyond Measure” and is one of Brazen Stitchery’s yarns. (Love their geeky yarn names: this one is the motto of Ravenclaw.) Finished the socks yesterday evening. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a wine called “Sheep Thrills” yesterday, too. Follow me on Ravelry (AinyRainwater) to see more projects and on Instagram (@ainyrainwater) for a more eclectic assortment of pics. In yet another coincidence…Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day today is ovine: pertaining to, of the nature of, or like sheep. 😆

An Update (with Blueberry Muffins)

So here’s what’s been happening this year (and it’s kind still happening, though I’m working on the book manuscript again). I’m hoping to post more frequently here in this little “miscellany” microblog because we all need more nice small things in our lives, don’t you think? 🙂 In that spirit, have some Blueberry Muffins (which I veganized & yes, they’re still wonderful)!

Right now my author site isn’t very mobile-friendly, and for that I apologize, but it’s out of my hands (at the moment).

Free Anthology of Campbell Award Eligible Fiction

Quanta has taken over e-publication of the annual anthology of Campbell award eligible fiction. This free ebook anthology is only available for a limited time every year. Here’s the link. Unfortunately, this year the new publisher requires your name, email address, and agreement to receive whatever email they choose to send in order for you to download the book. I hate all the hoops they make you jump through. They mail the link for download after you sign up rather than providing a direct download. You have to agree to get email you may not want in order to get the book (no opt out option). Presumably you can always unsub if they send you junk. (I really hope so!) On the other hand…Campbell ebook with lots of free SF/F fiction! Multiple format options for download. I chose “other” and it downloaded an epub to my tablet, which when I tapped it immediately uploaded to my Play library, so that worked out well. The anthology is over 1000 pages and the table of contents alone takes up 5 pages: it’s a big book!