So the Ravellenics are over…

MEDAL-SOCKI medalled in the Sock-Put and got the Single Skein laurel from Team Tardis (teams give laurels, “Bobicus” gives medals). Maybe next time — if I’m not in the throes of book revisions ( that’ll ever happen) — I’ll try something more ambitious. There were some pretty impressive projects done by my fellow Whovians in Ravelry (Who Knits group) and by Ravellers in general. Today I’m back to exploring fictional worlds in my head while knitting. Now if I could just get rid of that Olympic theme earworm…



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Ravellenic Games 2016

I first heard of this huge mass knitting event when it hit the news some years ago because the name at that time was “Ravelympics” and the U.S. Olympic  Committee sent an insulting cease and desist letter to Ravelry, the big knit/crochet social network. It hit all the major and minor news outlets (here’s the Washington Post article, for instance) and blew up big online both for the non-standard insulting language of the letter and the furious outrage of oh, a couple million or so knitters. The idea is to knit while watching the Olympics, so you’d think they’d be happy for the publicity and the bump in viewership, but no, they insisted that the name be changed, and because they were so rude and insulting to knitters the Olympic committee ended up apologizing not once, but twice, before the furor died down.

The media coverage of this was also the first time I heard of Ravelry. After I picked up my sticks again, I joined last year, so this is my first time participating in the Ravellenics. I’d joined some Rav groups, but hadn’t posted in any. A couple of local shops were participating but since I’d be using yarn purchased at Fiber Fest, it didn’t seem right to join one of those teams. So I joined the Who Knits group, a fine bunch of Whovians, who have Team Tardis for the Ravellenics. I’m making a nifty “slouch sock”. The pattern I’m using is Andie from a recent issue of The Knitter. The purl rows slowed me down a bit but I think I’m still on track to finish and get both medal and laurel in this year’s Ravellenics. I have only the foot and toe left on the first sock, then on to the second sock. I don’t know why but the second sock almost always goes faster than the first. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock, the color is Archangel.

Here’s my progress:


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As I said in the interview (see prev post), I’m taking a break from writing/rewriting to recharge my brain…and as promised, my various social media feeds are now plumped up with pretty pictures instead of promos for my recent bookThis month will be more long walks, tea, dogs, reading, gardening, knitting and Doctor Who. I’m listening to Doctor Who audio (a Humble Bundle from last year) when I knit. I’m reading a lot, mostly ebooks, but I also indulged in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Got some great titles. Geeked out. Expect to see more short random posts here on the microblog. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or Like my Facebook page.

Finished those socks yesterday! Now off to make a pot of tea and dig around in the garden!

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Christmas is Going To The Dogs

I finally got around to knitting a new sweater for my dachshund-maltese (or maybe dachshund-terrier) mix. She’s small, long, and low. We didn’t realize she was just a pup when we rescued her and got her a sweater which is now too small and ragged. So I was determined to make her a sweater more appropriate to her length. The pattern I found that I really liked was for a “shorty” sweater. But it’s a simple pattern and modifying it for a smaller, longer, dog wasn’t too difficult. A lot of style for such a simple fast knit! The pattern is available here, from Doublepointed, on WordPress. I posted my notes on how I modified the pattern on Ravelry. If you’re on Ravelry, look me up! 🙂 This worked up so fast and easy that I think I’m going to make one (in a different color) for our other dog, who’s a bit closer in size to the original pattern. Pics from Instagram below. Oh, and by the way…”Christmas is Going To The Dogs” by the Eels is a fun fav Christmas song. 🙂

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Knitting: Socks, Ravelry

This year I decided I’d finally teach myself how to knit socks. I’d done a number of sweaters with complex designs, but for some reason I had thought that socks were scary-hard. I haven’t been an active knitter for some years, so last year I polished up my skill set with a hat and scarf, and emboldened by the fact that apparently I hadn’t forgotten as much as I feared, I decided this month would be the month to finally try making a pair of socks. To my utter shock and surprise they were easy! I should’ve done this years ago! It took me 16 days total for the pair, but there were a few non-knitting days during the first sock and between socks. The second sock only took 5 days to knit! Halfway through the pair I joined Ravelry, the knitting and crochet community. If you’re on Ravelry, beFriend me! 🙂 (My profile.) By the way, the pattern is called “Hermoine’s Everyday Socks”. Yes, that Hermoine, for all you Harry Potter fans. 😉 I dropped a couple of notes on the project on Ravelry, as well as yarn, needle size, etc.  I instagrammed my progress, which you can see below.

Made a start on my 1st pair of socks. Fun with 4 double pointed needles! #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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Heel turned! First sock ever. #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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First sock ever, finished! Fits perfectly! 2nd sock should go faster. #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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Finished my first pair of socks! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #ravelry

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