Right now — throughout the day — tor.com, is releasing science fiction and fantasy fiction on the theme “Nevertheless She Persisted“. Lots of stories have already dropped, with more to come! If you want more fiction by women throughout the month of March, EscapePod and Podcastle, science fiction and fantasy podcasts respectively, are celebrating women authors with their Artemis Rising series; look for new stories weekly (the first ones are already out)!

Fiction for International Women’s Day

Great Fun! Audio Interview Now Available

If Wishes Were Spaceships Cover art: Donna Harriman Murillo.
If Wishes Were Spaceships
Cover art: Donna Harriman Murillo.

I had a great time last night Deadly Reads people live online.  The audio is now available in the archive. It’s long, so you might want to listen while you do other things. Or just pour yourself a beverage, settle in and listen.  🙂 Stay Up Late Ainy Rainwater on Deadly Reads Radio.

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Christmas Fiction Goodies: Cheap or Free!

20141217_193355Lots of things are popping up online either free or on sale cheap for the holidays. This isn’t a definitive list, but I just thought I’d share some fiction (ebooks, audio books, podcasts) and music. (All but one are holiday-themed.)

Podcasts: I like science fiction and fantasy. However, when one looks at a list of Christmas-themed stories or ebooks what one usually finds are romance and mystery. I like romance and mystery just fine, but if you want SF/fantasy here’s some to brighten (or maybe I should say “enliven”) your holidays. Podcastle, the excellent fantasy podcast, for the past few years has featured a holiday story by Tim Pratt and Heather Shaw in December.  (Note that the podcasts are rated; most are G or PG, but one is an R.)

Keep an eye on Podcastle to see if there’s another story this year!

More Fiction: Also….not a podcast, but….“Overtime” by Charles Stross. Fantasy/horror/comedy which is part of his Laundry series, but can be read as a stand-alone story. Free to read on the Tor.com site. (Ebook short story 99 cents Nook and Kindle.)

Music: “Christmas Time Is Here” played by Michelle Shumann Trio live in studio 1A, from KUTX’s Song of the Day podcast. You can listen in the player below (for most browsers) or click through and download the song.


Ebooks: One of my favorite children’s book, Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree is on sale for Nook and Kindle, $1.99 right now. It’s a short illustrated poem. Charming.

A Christmas Story  by Jean Shepherd is  a collection of the essays that were the original basis for his screenplay A Christmas Story. A nice treat for fans of the movie. $1.99 for Nook and Kindle.

Audiobooks: This isn’t Christmas-y — unless you embrace the tradition of ghost stories at Christmas — but M. R. James’ classic story, “Oh, Whistle and I’ll Come To You, My Lad”, read by David Suchet, is free from Audible.com right now. (Not sure if you need an Audible account to get this. Some freebies are accessible to all and some are not.)

Joyous Everything to Everyone! 🙂

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Free ebook anthology from Tor

If you like science fiction and fantasy, Tor.com has just come out with its annual free ebook anthology, the aptly named Some of the Best of Tor.com 2014. They do publish some of the best stories around, so you don’t want to miss this! If I counted correctly they published 76 stories last year and 26 of them are in this ebook anthology, which is over 700 pages. What about the other 50 stories? You can pick up individual stories as ebooks or read them on the Tor website (or both, in the case of favs that didn’t make the anthology).

Don’t want to wait a year for more stories? You should be able to search for tor.com in your feed reader and add their story feed. (Tor has several feeds besides stories.) Tor also has a podcast, Rocket Talk, which does stories periodically. A number of good stories that didn’t make the anthology were featured on the podcast. (The Lovecraftian “Litany of Earth”, notably, is in both the anthology and podcast.) Search Rocket Talk in your podcatcher. The podcast features discussion with authors as well as fiction.

Also of note: Some of the Best of Tor.com 2014 includes “Unlocked”, the prequel to John Scalzi’s acclaimed new novel, Lock In. And many, many, more good stories. FREE for your ereader!

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Why We Love Imaginary People

I’m trying to catch up on podcasts, but one I never fall behind on is Writing Excuses. It’s fun and helpful. The most recent podcast is one that may be of interest to readers and bookworms as well as writers. It’s an interesting discussion about why we get so attached to books and more specifically, characters. The Writing Excuses authors are joined by Cory Doctorow for the discussion. Writing Excuses: Neurobolics of Characters

As I continue to play catch up on podcasts, I may post a few more podcasts. Some good stuff in my podcatcher. 🙂