20161004_142307.jpgWorking on a new ghost story this morning. Swiped my husband’s Halloween mug…though it’s not really in the spirit of the story. (Perhaps next year I’ll write a story about wacky bats.)

I’ll be posting ghost stories to Wattpad this month. First one goes up tomorrow. It will be private, so only followers will have access. See prev post for publication schedule. And….

…Follow me on Wattpad! 😀

Working on a new ghost story

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As I said in the interview (see prev post), I’m taking a break from writing/rewriting to recharge my brain…and as promised, my various social media feeds are now plumped up with pretty pictures instead of promos for my recent bookThis month will be more long walks, tea, dogs, reading, gardening, knitting and Doctor Who. I’m listening to Doctor Who audio (a Humble Bundle from last year) when I knit. I’m reading a lot, mostly ebooks, but I also indulged in Free Comic Book Day on Saturday. Got some great titles. Geeked out. Expect to see more short random posts here on the microblog. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook or Like my Facebook page.

Finished those socks yesterday! Now off to make a pot of tea and dig around in the garden!