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Green Mind Seeing

1483549199570I’m doing something a bit different over on Wattpad; in addition to occasionally posting short fiction there, I’ve also begun a sort of nature journal, Green Mind Seeing. Short pieces with observations and thoughts on the natural world. Some pieces are fanciful, some natural history, some gardening. If you, too, enjoy green things, give it a look. This week I delved into my archive for “Orchid Reverie”, which provided the inspirations (after sitting in my mind for many years) for the “Cha Buddhism” mentioned in my most recent book, If Wishes Were Spaceships, and explored in more depth in the sequel I’m currently working on. If that’s a bit too mystical for you, last week I wrote about radishes. 🙂 If you’re only interested in sci-fi and fantasy, never fear, I’ll be posting more of that in the coming weeks as well. Unlike last year, I haven’t set a schedule to release material there. My writing schedule is taking some hits this year; sometimes real life has to take precedence over imaginary worlds. I’m still writing, mostly working on books, but I’ll be doing a bit of shorter stuff, both fiction and non-fiction, for immediate consumption. I’ve got three pieces currently in Green Mind Seeing, and will be adding more to that ongoing work, as well as adding new short fiction to Wattpad. The best way to keep up is to follow me on Wattpad.

The Ice Cream Castle

​The final part of “The Ice Cream Castle” is up on Wattpad! This is a ghost story I’ve been posting one part per day this week. The story is now complete. Response to the story has been great; it’s not only ranked, it’s already surpassed my other ranked story…and that was before I published the final section today! Thanks so much to all who have been reading along all this week as I’ve posted the sections of “The Ice Cream Castle”! Next Friday I’ll post a brand new ghost story that I’ve just finished. Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!

Ghost Story Serialized this Week!

The first part of “The Ice Cream Castle”, a 10,000 word ghost story which I’ve broken into five parts is now up on Wattpad. I’ll post a new part every day this week, with the story concluding on Friday. It’s a Christmas ghost story (hence the festive cover image). I’ve tried to make the Wattpad breaks follow the natural story breaks (as we look at events in the past and present). Enjoy the Prologue today and read along as a new section is posted daily this week. 

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Doug’s Night Out

I’ve got a new ghost story up on Wattpad today! Actually, it’s an old story, but it’s a favorite of mine, which is something I don’t often say about my own fiction. Because it does deal with mature themes I’ve not only marked it as such, but also made it private so only people who follow me can read it. That’s probably overkill, but I’m trying out privacy on Wattpad, and trying to encourage people to follow me (and probably making a hash of the whole thing LOL). The rest of what I’ll post on Wattpad this month (and probably for a while) will be public. Next week I’ll serialize a longer ghost story, and I’m working on a brand new ghost story for Halloween. Check me out on Wattpad. Read. Like. Comment. 🙂