Get Art On Demand via txt!

Something fun and wonderful for your Monday morning: Text San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to get art sent to your phone. This is nifty, though the responses are a bit quirky for the input. Still, wonderful art comes right into your hand instaneously and it’s a lovely surprise to see what you get.


The Ice Cream Castle

​The final part of “The Ice Cream Castle” is up on Wattpad! This is a ghost story I’ve been posting one part per day this week. The story is now complete. Response to the story has been great; it’s not only ranked, it’s already surpassed my other ranked story…and that was before I published the final section today! Thanks so much to all who have been reading along all this week as I’ve posted the sections of “The Ice Cream Castle”! Next Friday I’ll post a brand new ghost story that I’ve just finished. Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!

Blinking Cursor

blinking cursor. classic. iconic. symbol of a writer thinking. the possibilities of a blank screen waiting to be filled. who determines the rate of blinking? is there a standard rate? the rhythm of the blinking cursor looks exactly right. is that because it’s the exact timing that I’m used to seeing. or does it look and feel right because there is something inherently soothing, reassuring, encouraging in that periodicity? i like watching it while I think. something happens in my creative mind with every blink.