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New flash fiction for Valentine’s Day

I’ve posted a new bit of flash fiction over on my author site for Valentine’s Day. I collect articles — all writers do — because sometimes there’s information that one can use for a story, but sometimes articles are inspiring in unexpected ways. I saved the article that inspired this story because it was a nice story in itself; I had no idea of ever writing anything that was even remotely related to it. I just liked the story, the true story. And yet…now, years later, the question suddenly popped into my mind from who-knows-where —right before Valentine’s Day, no less — “What if the relationship wasn’t like that? What would hearing that voice mean then?” It would problematic in a whole new way. The story is marginally science fiction simply because voices prompting us to buy things, giving us directions, intruding on our lives, etc hasn’t quite gotten to the point it is in the story….And for the sake of everyone out there who has loved and lost, I hope it doesn’t!   Flash fiction: Her Voice, Everywhere

Happy Valentine’s Day!