A green tree frog often sings in the sideyard while I’m writing. I’ve looked but can’t find it. It’s been especially vocal with all the rain we’ve been having lately. It inspired this haiku:

Green frog sings summer
Upon the gate in the rain
Watching fat drops splash

Haiku: Green Frog

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Rain: One Good Thing…

Rain lily after the storms.

I suppose you’ve heard that parts of Houston (and the greater Houston area) flooded. The pics and video are spectacular (though no more jaw-dropping than pics of other flooded areas). We aren’t among those flooded out. Though the yard is sopping wet, nothing is under water. But the one really, truly, bright spot about all the rain are the rain lilies!

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An Eventful Weekend

Dogs, the morning after the storm: damp and bewildered.
Dogs, the morning after the storm: damp and bewildered.

We had severe storms this weekend. Lost power for 4.5 hours Friday night and got 4 inches of rain. The backyard was buried in tree debris, including some large limbs. Nothing hit the house, but the storms and aftermath freaked out the dogs a bit. They weren’t too happy about what the storm did to their backyard. (Me, too.) Clearing out the debris and hauling it to the curb took a while; I’ve got sore muscles and allergies this morning. It’s finally stopped raining. I’ve got antihistamines, aspirin, and caffeine in my system, so I’m ready to tackle the day! 🙂