Resources for NaNoWriMo Prep

For those of you doing NaNoWriMo next month, check out my NaNoWriMo prep tag. I’ve done a number of posts with resources (naming characters, story structure, Evil Week, online writing resources) helpful hints, and advice based on my own NaNoWriMo experiences. (I’ve done it a number of times and always finished successfully and early.) For things I’ve posted while doing NaNo, see the NaNoWriMo tag. Over on my author blog I’ve tagged a number of longer NaNoWriMo posts, covering both pre-NaNo and post-NaNo.

I’m not doing NaNo this year because I just have too much work to do on various drafts in assorted series, so I really don’t need to start another book right now! I wish all my fellow WriMos the best of luck as you draft your NaNo novel next month!

Ghost Stories & Thoughts on Wattpad

Ghost Stories for October! Below is the publication schedule for my short stories this month on Wattpad. The first 2 stories will be private, so only followers will have access to them. (Something I’m experimenting with.) The others will be public. Follow if you want to read all of them! Also, I’ve got a new post on my author blog which has some brutally honest thoughts on “Why Wattpad” in addition to the story publication schedule below. Thanks for reading! 🙂
This month on Wattpad: ghost stories!

Oct 7: Ashes
Oct 14: Doug’s Night Out
Oct 17-21: Ice Cream Castle (Divided into 5 parts, one part daily Mon-Fri of that week.)
Oct 28-31? I’ve started brainstorming a new ghost story which I hope to have finished by the 28th, or Halloween at the latest.

Writing: Early birds vs Night Owls

This is an interesting comparison between “early birds” and “night owls”. Especially since I’m a “first thing in the morning” writer. Apparently no matter what you’re writing, people are more prone to mistakes late at night than early in the morning. People made the fewest mistakes in the afternoon, after lunch! Of course, since it’s automated it can’t really address how well one writes in terms of content, such as how well you use words and how well you express what you intended, but it’s a nifty bit of research.

How I Spent my Summer, plus weekend reading!

If Wishes Were Spaceships-medium
If Wishes Were Spaceships Cover art: Donna Harriman Murillo.

It’s the last hurrah of summer! Grab a copy of my new book, If Wishes Were Spaceships from your favorite ebookstore for a fast fun read this weekend. If you’ve already got it, leave a review on your bookseller’s site. I appreciate it. Reviews are better for authors than “Likes”, though of course I’m glad you like it. 😉 I’ve got a new post on my author blog: “Writing in the (Rain) Cloud” about writing adventures this summer, and plans for fall — which is almost upon us!

Social Bookmarking

The social bookmarking site I use has finally finished its migration back to its original domain, del.icio,us. You can follow me on Delicious and browse what I’m reading online. I’ve got some tag bundles for Writers, Bookworms, and Food, but there are many interesting links with tags that don’t fit into those bundles. As a writer, having a place where I can find things I may need later for story ideas, research, etc. is invaluable. I’ve updated the links in my original short post “Gathering String“. There are still a few gotchas since Delicious moved; you should NOT click on the title of a link on my page because all the titles are dead: you must click on the URL instead. I expect this glitch will be fixed eventually. This was the first social bookmarking site, and may still be the biggest, so they have a lot to deal with as they go forward. It’s stable and working again, for which I’m relieved, as I depend on it heavily. And I like sharing. 🙂