I’m on Wattpad!

Joined Wattpad last week! I’ll be posting a short story there this Friday, am working on another story for the end of the month, and ghost stories will go up in October! For more details see today’s post on my author blog. Follow me on Wattpad for stories and updates!

Fav Space Opera on Sale!

One of my all-time favorite sci-fi books is on sale for .99 cents for Nook, Kindle, Apple, Google, and Kobo! It’s Eternity’s End by Jeffrey A. Carver. An excellent science fiction space opera. It’s got a ghost ship, pirates, a 124-year-old intergalactic conspiracy, augmented humans, kidnapping, assassination attempts, dangerous rips in the fabric of space-time, espionage and intrigue—with the pirates and search for the ghost ship at the center of it all. What’s not to like? It’s well-thought-out, well-plotted and very well-written. I love it and have lost count of how many times I’ve re-read it. I’m a push-over for a good space opera. It’s a long book, a stand alone novel in the author’s star-rigger universe, but it’s totally self-contained and you don’t need any prior knowledge. If you’ve got 99 cents (!!!!) there’s absolutely no better way to spend it!

Live Interview

Ainy RainwaterI’ll be doing a live internet radio interview on Deadly Reads Radio (aka Journey Into the Night) on April 28th at 9 pm Central Time. We’ll talk about the new book, as well as other projects and interests of mine. It’s a call-in show, so mark your calendars to join us! I’ll be posting the call-in number and a reminder closer to time.  Click through and bookmark the show site!

Up and Coming: Free Anthology for a limited time!

Mary Robinette Kowal just posted this: Up and Coming. It’s a free anthology of stories by new authors in the science fiction and fantasy field. All are eligible for the John W. Campbell Award. “120 authors, 230 works”! Wow! It’s available in epub or mobi, but only until Mar 31st! I linked to MRK’s blog post rather than the site because it’s a great blog. Give it a browse, add it to your WordPress reader. Oh, yeah, and I’ll be doing a guest post there about my upcoming book on Mar 29th, the release date. 🙂

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Countdown to Book Launch!

If Wishes Were Spaceships

It’s March!! You may think that it means that spring is just around the corner, or you may be looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, or March Madness. Well, you’ve got something else to look forward to: If Wishes Were Spaceships will be released March 29th! It’s available for pre-order from most stores. It’s a standalone novel, but I’m already hard at work on a sequel to it because I just enjoyed writing this “stranded on a planet” story so much.

If Wishes Were Spaceships Cover art: Donna Harriman Murillo.
If Wishes Were Spaceships
Cover art: Donna Harriman Murillo.

…And didn’t Donna Harriman Murillo do an amazing job with the cover art? Well, okay, most of you haven’t read the book yet (waving “hi” to beta readers), but she really captured Jazlyn perfectly! I don’t blog copiously on my author site, but you’ll be seeing a lot more posts there this month about the characters and story, and my thoughts on writing it. I’ve also got at least one live online interview lined up, though that won’t be for a few months, so stayed tuned for more science fiction adventures, and happy author blogging!

Here are some of the stores that have the book available for pre-order. More coming all the time until book launch March 29th! 🙂 Amazon USAppleKoboSmashwords.

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