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Writing: Early birds vs Night Owls

This is an interesting comparison between “early birds” and “night owls”. Especially since I’m a “first thing in the morning” writer. Apparently no matter what you’re writing, people are more prone to mistakes late at night than early in the morning. People made the fewest mistakes in the afternoon, after lunch! Of course, since it’s automated it can’t really address how well one writes in terms of content, such as how well you use words and how well you express what you intended, but it’s a nifty bit of research.


Ainy Rainwater has been writing and publishing short stories, essays, and novels in various genres for about 30 years. She lives in the greater Houston area with her husband and rescue dogs. She enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar and percussion, gardening, knitting, tea, baking and other kitchen improvisations, daydreaming, and wasting time online. Her novels are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and other bookstores. She is presently working on a chick lit fantasy series as well as a number of side projects, including a sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships, a science fiction novel published in March 2016. Her most recent fiction and works in progress are regularly posted to her subscribers on Patreon. She is also known for the digital pop which she makes under the name Gymshoes. "Everest Sunrise" was featured in the documentary What It Takes. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita she released an EP of songs, A Tropical Depression, the profits of which go to benefit the American Red Cross. Gymshoes albums are available from iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. For more about Gymshoes music, please see, which has liner notes, links to social media, streaming music, and much more. You can find the author on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Twitter. She occasionally contributes to the group food blog, The Usual Suspects: and posts short miscellaneous things on The Mighty Microblog: A Truant Disposition, is Ainy Rainwater's official author site.

One thought on “Writing: Early birds vs Night Owls

  1. One thing that Grammarly can’t really account for is alcohol consumption, and I’d bet, especially in the post-10pm time frame that it uses for the night owl, that some of those mistakes are due to some consumption of adult beverages. I am at my most creative in the evening, and when writing, I’ve been known to pour a couple of fingers of something to take with to the computer. Drudge work is for the morning, when I’m in a bad mood anyway. With a 5:10am alarm, I’m a night owl who lives an early bird existence and it doesn’t always work real well, but that’s life.


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