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…don’t kill them

Today I’m reblogging a post from my author site. So much has already been written about the events in Orlando that my own thoughts will be brief. It’s almost too painful to think about. The biggest massacre ever in America. A lot of people have focused on the gun issue because as difficult (well-nigh impossible) as it is to pass legislation prohibiting gun sales to people who might be considered at-risk for using a weapon to slaughter other human beings, it is still thought to be a more do-able prospect than to teach people not to kill their fellow human beings because they don’t like them. Here’s my opinion in a nutshell:

If you don’t like someone, don’t kill them.
If you hate someone, don’t kill them.
If you disagree with someone, don’t kill them.
If someone is different from you, don’t kill them
If someone believes something different from you and you sincerely think they are wrong, don’t kill them.
If someone has a different religion from you, don’t kill them.
If someone looks different from you, don’t kill them.
If someone dresses in a way that you don’t like, don’t kill them.
If someone has an accent or skin color that doesn’t match yours, don’t kill them.
If someone cuts you off in traffic, don’t kill them.
If someone is rude or mean to you, or cusses you out, don’t kill them.
If someone broke your heart, don’t kill them.
If someone treated you unfairly, don’t kill them.
If encounter someone who clearly cannot be human, and must be a space alien, don’t kill them.
If your children scream, cry, or misbehave, don’t kill them.
If your pets misbehave, don’t kill them.
If someone makes you mad, don’t kill them.

The list could go on and on because there are literally millions and millions of circumstances in which killing another human being is not the right thing to do.

Bottom line: Stop acting like a wild animal with a small brain and no concept of civilization. We are human beings. We create culture, art, music, architecture, books, movies, TV shows, webcasts, podcasts, beautiful photos, amazing technology that our ancestors would’ve regarded as magic, gardens, dances, celebrations. We have the power and imagination to create…anything we can imagine. We have the power and imagination to make the world better, and to make the lives of the human beings who live on planet Earth better. We treat and cure medical conditions which would’ve killed or shortened the lives of our ancestors. These are just some of the wonderful and beautiful and joyful things that human beings do. Don’t ever for a moment think of taking yourself and others out of the generative flow of human civilization. The creative power of civilization is always better than the destruction and annihilation of life and all its potential. We are, all of us, part of this great civilization…until one of us steps out of this flow and kills their fellow humans. Then all of humanity is wounded and dies a bit, and cries a lot. Every human being is unique should be honored for their contribution, be it large or small, to the whole of human civilization and history. Stand on the side of humanity and human civilization and you will always be on the right side, on the side with the geniuses and creators, on the right side of human potential. Don’t kill anyone.


Ainy Rainwater has been writing and publishing short stories, essays, and novels in various genres for about 30 years. She lives in the greater Houston area with her husband and rescue dogs. She enjoys reading, writing, playing guitar and percussion, gardening, knitting, tea, baking and other kitchen improvisations, daydreaming, and wasting time online. Her novels are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, Smashwords, and other bookstores. She is presently working on a chick lit fantasy series as well as a number of side projects, including a sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships, a science fiction novel published in March 2016. Her most recent fiction and works in progress are regularly posted to her subscribers on Patreon. She is also known for the digital pop which she makes under the name Gymshoes. "Everest Sunrise" was featured in the documentary What It Takes. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita she released an EP of songs, A Tropical Depression, the profits of which go to benefit the American Red Cross. Gymshoes albums are available from iTunes, Amazon, and other online stores. For more about Gymshoes music, please see, which has liner notes, links to social media, streaming music, and much more. You can find the author on Facebook, Instagram, Goodreads, and Twitter. She occasionally contributes to the group food blog, The Usual Suspects: and posts short miscellaneous things on The Mighty Microblog: A Truant Disposition, is Ainy Rainwater's official author site.

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