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Habitica: How I’m Playing the Game

2D94942332C021D81B5A721006354E7DThis is part of a series I’m doing on Habitica. See  below for previous posts. One thing I quickly noticed was how motivating the random drops were, and how my desire to hatch pets & get mounts grew as I got more drops of eggs, hatching potions, and food. Also, I didn’t get equipment at first; I didn’t see why I needed it if this was just a productivity tool. But then I did some research and realized how everything tied together. Ultimate gear meant higher stats…including Perception which increased the daily drop cap. Suddenly I was all about equipment, unallocated points allotment (which I’d set for manual rather than automatic because I didn’t want to automate something I initially had no understanding of). When I chose a class, I chose Mage because they leveled up faster, and it just seemed like faster rewards was what I needed.

I pushed my PER up as much as I could until I recently hit 100, which gave me a drop cap of 9! Not having any previous gaming experience (unless you count chess) I feel like I’m probably not playing the game the best I could because there are still aspects of it and terms that I can’t figure out in the sense of what it means to me. But here’s the important point: I’m getting a lot done, I’m procrastinating less, I haven’t felt crushed by my To Do list since I started, everything feels a lot more manageable, and my life is just a little bit neater and more organized. (I refuse to game all the mess and randomness out of it; I need a certain amount to thrive. Beyond a certain point structure starts working against me. Your mileage my vary.)

But what, exactly, am I doing? I’ve got Habits, which are things that need to be done often, some are habits I’m developing or breaking which I tick off multiple times a day. Such as not eating while I’m working, taking frequent breaks from the computer to stretch, and other personal improvement items. Other things in Habits are chores that need to be kept up with, done often, but not necessarily on a rigid schedule. I’ve moved items from Habits to Dailies because I absolutely need to do that thing daily, but it starts as a Habit done as often as I can, until I’m hitting it reliably enough that I can comfortably add it to Dailies. Other things have been moved from Daily to Habits because even though Dailies can be set for just certain days, or on a schedule, some things just need to be done weekly, not on any set day, or any set time span, just flexibly and fairly often. Items change color if you’re not keeping up with them, so there’s a subtle reminder when less frequent items need to be hit.

In the next post I’ll tell you a secret I discovered that makes ticking off habits and dailies in Habitica easier to accomplish. Hate the idea of “game-ifying” your life? This could still work for you.

Below is the full series of posts. For my post of first impressions after I joined Habitica in fall 2015, see The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have With New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. The Enchanted Land of Habitica
  2.  Habitica: How I’m Playing the Game
  3.  Habitica: Linking Habits and Dailies
  4.  Habitica: Quests and Parties


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